Spectrum Mitered Square Throw

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OK, I admit it. I have a thing for mitered squares. I first learned about them when I made a Hue Shift Afghan, many moons ago. I enjoyed the project so much I made a second one for my niece!

The inspiration for this particular throw came from several places. I had been making 7" x 9" blanket sections for Warm Up America, and I kept trying to come up with a way to make a 7" x 9" mitered square, but couldn't think of one. Instead, I thought I'd try making an 35" x 45" lapghan to send. With 5" squares, that worked out nicely into 7 rows of 9 squares each, and 7 rows fit very nicely with the 7 colors of the rainbow (the visible spectrum, hence the project name).

I never did mail it off to Warm Up America, but I did donate it to help supply an immigrant family from Venezuela that my church is sponsoring!

An afghan with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet stripes draped horizontally over a wooden fence.

Pattern Details

Yarn: KnitPicks Brava Worsted, 1 218 yd skein each of Canary, Grass, and Celestial. 1+ skeins each of Red, Yellow, and Denim. Caron Simply Soft, approximately 3/4 315 yard skein in Black.

Needles: Size 8

Time To Knit: Approximately 2 months.